Roman Holiday

My only previous list to Rome was back in April 1998. On that occasion I wandered the city with a Nikon F90x and 24-120mm lens hanging around my neck. This time I was travelling a little lighter, with a Ricoh GR in my hand and my Canon 5D with EF 35mm f/2 lens in the bag. Not surprisingly, the Ricoh saw more action than the 5D, even though I prefer the performance of the 5D at ISO 1600 to the much newer Ricoh.

Rome is quite different to the other two members of the European trilogy of grand cities: London and Paris; in that I observed more people walking around in pairs than I would tend to see in either the French or British capitals – especially London. In Rome, carabinieri stand around in small group, smoking and talking – behaviour that would be unimaginable in northern Europe. No surprise then that the majority of images that I captured feature more than one person, although I did make an effort to seek out interesting, solitary characters.

Most of the images here were captured with the Ricoh GR along with a few from the Canon 5D with EF 35mm f/2 IS lens.


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